Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another planing video

I got some great feedback on the previous planing video from the guys on In short, the idea was that I was working too hard with the foreplane and the jointer, because the shavings were too thick. That's a fact, for sure. I measured one of the jointer shavings at 0.2 mm, which translates to 8 thousands of an inch. Pretty thick indeed!

I made another video, edited it a bit, and added some text. It is about planing the long rails, the ones I resawed in the previous blog. They bowed quite a bit in the length, but I am not really concerned about that. More important is flat across the width and avoiding twist in the boards.The ends, where the joinery goes, need to be square and flat, the middle isn't so important, because they are hidden under the table. The top edge needs to be straight too, because this is where the tabletop will be attached.

Nothing instructional about this video! I am still learning myself. This is just me, documenting my progres. I am very happy with the wooden planes so far. They work very well, the blades hold an edge for quite some time and they are not so heavy. I am no big burly guy, so I don't really want heavy planes.

When you wonder why I have such a serious expression on my face all the time, well, it IS a serious business isn't it?

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