Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Old stuff from the Spanish Pyrenees. Iron

This time a compilation of all kinds of old iron. Door knockers, bolts, hinges, stuff like that. I don't remember which was where exactly, so, without comment. Most have interesting decorations.

Old stuff from the Spanish Pyrenees, wood.

My wife and me visited the Spanish Pyrenees for about three weeks, trekking around, walking in the mountains and visiting a bunch of very old little villages and towns. In this blog I'd like to share some pictures from some wooden stuff I found down there.

First the wooden stuff, in the next blog some iron. You can click the images to enlarge them.

Always nice, wooden doors, this one in a 11th century hermit's chappel at Tella, The door itself surely isn't that old! But it fits nice in the surroundings.

Could use a paint brush... (Benasque).

A  nicely carved bench in the Basilica de la Pena in Graus.

In Alquezar, also a medieval town, this decorated cabinet in the Church of Santa Maria.

In the same church a very long cabinet with plenty of drawers. It sure looked like it was made of pine. Nice decorations.

A similar cabinet in Roda de Isabona, in the Cathedral.

In the same cathedral a joined stool of "some importance".

And a detail (the armrest doesn't look very original).

Hey, staked furniture! A bench in the courtyard of the same cathedral.

In the Val de Boi, there are a couple of Romanic parish churches that are quite original yet. In one of them I found this replica of a medieval church bench.

And some typically Romanic (10th-11th century) statues of Jesus on the cross and Maria with Jesus.