Saturday, September 14, 2013

The dining table is finished!

It took some time, but..... (drum rol) here it is, the wallnut, live edge, made by handtools only, dining table!


  1. Beautiful! Congratulations.

    How did you attach the top to the base?

  2. Lots of screws!

    You can see in this blog entry how and where it is attached:

  3. Hi Kees
    We've crossed paths on SMC. Beautiful table! I love the design. Is the walnut unsteamed? Either way, it looks great!

  4. Hi Steve, nice to meet you again :-)

    The wood is indeed unsteamed. Maybe it would have been better, because I had to cope with some extensive mildew-like stains in the wood. Of course, steaming tends to muddy the color of walnut, which is a pitty. European walnut is very lively colored of itself. Some of the stains are still there, but I'm slowly getting used to it. It's all about using the wood as it is, faults and beauty alike.