Monday, December 2, 2013

New saw is finished

Now I have to start a photography course. Making pictures is a lot more difficult. I went outside, but the camera wanted to use the flash all the time. So sorry for the bad pics, but here is the saw. Some data, this is a copy from a big Kenyon saw. Mine is 18" long, 10 ppi, 3 degree rake. It has a steel back, which has been blued. Handle is quarter sawn beech again.


  1. It looks gorgeous! Did you make the steel back yourself?

  2. Beautiful! I'm wondering about the back as well…did you send it out for bluing? I looked into that here in the states and the price was prohibitive. I'm jealous…

  3. Everything home made in my little garden shop. Well, I used the brake at work to bend the first 90 degrees of the steel plate, and I used the lath to make the screws and nuts.

    For blueing I used a product from Birchwood Casey, Perm Blue paste. Not totally happy with the evenness of the result. I think I should have used a lot more paste to really bath the steel in this stuff. I could reapply another time, but at some point you just have to finish a project.

  4. Beautiful Kees! Congrats! I really like the cheeks of your handle! Thanks for sharing.