Saturday, April 5, 2014


This is why I hate routers!

I wanted to make a nice detail on the corner of the styles. A quarter round cutout with a round nose bit. One moment of not being attentive and the damage is huge. It happened in a split second. Luckilly this piece is long enough to cut off the damage. But there is more damage in the other pieces with torn splinters from the edges.

Sigh, I really need a few hollows and rounds. Routers are horrible, dangerous, loud and dirty.


  1. Whenever I use a router, I am thankful that my kneecap doesn't look like that when I'm done.

  2. You're right for sure! Nasty beasts.....

  3. Do you use a hand-router machine or a table?
    Since i'm working more with handtools, i try to use hollows and rounds. Its much more settisfying than a machine.

  4. Hi Raymond,

    Sorry for replying late. I used a router table, which is very simple, just a handheld router under the extension of my table saw.