Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Windows continued

With my usual snails pace, I am still working on the new windows for the gardenshed. The two outher frames which fit in the brick wall openings are now ready. Because the profiles are no simple rectangels, but, indeed, profiled, I have to cope the styles to the rails. I am sure professionals have all kinds of smart techniques for this, but being a beginner in this particular trade I just measure and make simple cardboard templates to mark the shape of the rails on the styles. Then I cut them with handsaws and chisels. No pictures from this process, just a picture of the glue up. I use the workbench to make sure that I end up with a flat window frame, and measure the diagonals to keep the frame square.

There are no real joints in the corners. Just the cope and some strong two part PU construction glue. The frames are going to be fixed permanently in the wall, so they aren't stressed much in use, but still. To make them stronger I drilled some long 10 mm holes through the corners and drove oak pegs in these holes. Make sure to put a clamp on the corners to prevent them splitting while the peg is hammered down! Don't ask why I make a special remark about that....

The two frames are finished now. Next job is making the actual windows. Wood has been cut and planed down to size. Here I want  to use real mortice and tenon joints, so stay tuned for the next installment. First I have to repair the car though, the windshield wiper mechanism has broken down.

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