Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kistje 1

Making practice boards is fun, but it's even better to make a real project. So, now I have two carved boards, why not make two more and assemble them together to a small chest?

Sorry for my complete inaptitude to make nice pictures. The finish looks patchy, but trust me, it isn't half as bad in real life. With an extra coat of linseed oil, it even turned out better, but it is now dark outside, so no more pictures.

Anyway. The front boards have rabbets, the side boards fit in these rabbets and then some oak pins are driven through the joint, like a nail. It's super simple, but still quite a bit of work. I made a till inside the box. The bottom is also rabetted and nailed. The top is made from some left over maple with a lot of knots. It all comes together quite nicely, if I may say so. On to the next one!


  1. Can I ask, did you shoot any of the boards? (Sorry. A bad joke.)

    I really like your chest and the carving. Is it all from maple? The hardness of the wood seems a deterrent to carving. I tried chip carving--on soft basswood (Lime)--but it is murder when dealing with arthritic joints.

  2. Hi Bruce,

    Actually, yes I did ;-)

    It's soft maple which cuts like butter. I do use a mallet though to drive the gouges.