Thursday, August 6, 2015

New maker: 19th century style double iron handplanes.

Steve Voigt started a new business, making and selling double iron handplanes along the lines of the late 18th/early 19th century English wooden planes.

That means:

- No laminated plane body. The mortice is chopped out of the solid wood.
- Quarter sawn beech. Not easy to find in those sizes in America, but he seems to have found a good source.
- Double iron. Of course! No technological backwards stuff with single irons, way too tight mouths, high bedding angles and scraping plane action.
- Tapered blade. Not laminated alas, but he gets them from Lee Valley, so they ain't too bad.
- He makes the capiron himself, in just the right shape with a nice springy bend at the end.
- Abuttments and a wedge with fingers. Not a cheap crosspin.

So, have a look on his new website. They aren't going to be cheap of course. But the price isn't out of range for a boutique plane either. I've seen Krenov type planes, the ones you can easilly make yourself in a weekend, at double the price.

Voigt planes

(Oh, and I didn't get paid, he didn't even ask for this announcement. I'm just enthousiastic about it).

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