Thursday, December 24, 2015


Last weekend, my wife and I visited Rome for 4 days. That was one of the better city trips in my life! When you are still doubting if you should visit Rome, stop doubting and book a ticket. We booked a room through, Residenza Ave Roma on the boarder of the Tiber in the middle of the town. Heartily recommended.

Some quick Iphone shots.

The weather was brilliant. We got lucky.

Baroque churches on each and evert street corner. Not my first choice in art styles, but here they are magnificent. The St. Peter Basilica was very impressive, it's huge! Make sure you do the climb to the top of the dome too.

St. Peter himself.

And yes, they know ho to use a little bit of marble.

I liked this chair in the St. Angelo castle.

Of course, the pope needs one or two small money coffers.

And of course we visited antique Rome.

It was hard to write in straight lines back then too.

Hi fellow! Thanks for the visit.

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