Sunday, January 31, 2016

New try to make a jack plane

This time I went along with a lot more care. First I drilled down into the mortise with a forstner bit under the drill press. Then I started chiseling. The large hole makes the mortising a lot easier. It also makes it more precise. I did make sure to stay well within the layout lines this time, better to pair the sides later on.

Before continueing I made sure everything looked nice and square, just taking my time.

Then I put it under the drillpress again for the mouth. A simple setup. This helps to drill in the right direction and to drill straight! But before drilling I first marked out the outlines of the mouth with a chisel to avoid splintering.

After drilling it's chiseling again. From the bottom, from the top. This is kind of difficult work due to the lack of space. But I got there slowly. After cleaning up al corners this is where I'm at. The bed doesn't look as nice as in the first plane, more work for later.

I did have a mishap. Despite taking care a small splinter broke free from the mouth. No idea why, but I suspect this wood isn't the best. It is a little spalty here and there. Luckily I say to myself again, It's just a jack plane.


  1. You might like this video:

  2. Yes I know that one! Watched it quite a few times, and now making my own it raises my admiration for those guys another notch.