Saturday, December 22, 2012

Long time no see

It is some time since my last blogpost. After finishing the kitchen, the drive to do decent woodwork was gone for some time. We went on hollidays to Vietnam and to France. After that I spend a lot of time with sporting activities. But now, the lust to do something in the shop slowly emerges again.

In the mean time I haven't been totally inactive. I made a new grid for the heater in the floor in the living room. I used the offcuts from the flooring and I had some leftovers from the kitchen. All together, I didn't spend any money on this project. To compensate, i spend a lot of time on this one.

Of course I couldn't help to use handtools. Sawing and chiseling the joints.

The slats were produced on the tablesaw. Sawing all these by hand sounded too much like work.

And this is the result. Time and sunshine will help soon enough to blend in the color with the rest of the floor.

Another nice little project was a play kitchen for the school where my daughter is now teaching. Mostly made from plywood. Not really much of a handtool project of course.

And now I am finishing a ladder for my nephews new sleeping room. Made from Meranti.

The next project is going to be cleaning the workshop and a lot of tool care. My tools have been seriously neglected the last couple of months and some really show it.

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