Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The scrub plane

Agressive little beast it is, this small but not so humble German scrub plane. To thickness the board to desired size I need to remove a lot of wood. Just the thought of doing this with a jack plane wears me out. With the scrub it is no problem at all. You just push it, no need to put much pressure on it. It takes a deep bite. Use it across the grain (slightly diagonally feels easier to me). Build up a rythm, don't try to force it. Just stop for a bit after a while to catch your breath again, check how deep you are allready and continue. The scrub work on this board was done in about half an hour. But it leaves a terrible surface of course and the real work, flatening and straightening is yet to begin.

I shot a short video to illustrate the proces.

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