Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ulmia miter saw

Planing all that aceraga of wallnut does become a little bit tedious, so I decided to treat myself to a new tool. A real Ulmia 352 miter saw. These things have been made since 1877 and are still being made. High quality stuff. I found one for just 55 euro overhere in The Netherlands.

Just a shame mine has probably been  dropped to the floor. The handle was bend to the left and the sawblade wasn't perpendicular to the table anymore.

Luckily only the long tube was bend and crumpled at the handle end. It wasn't difficult to straighten it again with a hammer and an machinst vise. I wasn't really happy with the sawblades that came with this saw. Most of them were dull, and then there was a laser hardened one with very agressive teeth. Sawing with these was very jerky, as if the teeth would bite at random in the wood. So today I sharpened the unhardened 10 tpi blade. Originally it came with a rip tooth configuration which isn't optimal for a crosscut saw. So I filed the saw crosscut with about 15 degrees rake and 20 degrees fleam. Then set the teeth about 0.15 mm.

Now the saw works like it should be! It is absolutely square in the horizontal direction and 99% in the vertical direction. Good enough for woodworking and better then I can saw with a handsaw. There is also minimal splintering at the far side of the cut. I made a short video to show how a saw like this works and should work.