Sunday, June 23, 2013

Past the crisis

It was all doom in the last blog, but I think I have survived the crisis. I'm just plodding on now. I cut away some material from the underside of the wobbly board with scrubplane and gouges, until it didn't wobble anymore. Then I finished the middle board, lots of planing in that one too, but because it is narrower it went a lot quicker. Then I finished all the ends, sawing to length and planing the endgrain smooth. I reduced the width of both large boards a bit for better proportions, had to rip one board and use the drawknife on the life edge of the other one. And finally, I am starting to get used to the look of the large stain. And this is where I am now.


  1. Hi Kees,

    You have made a very nice table!
    I like the slim design. The table doesn't look heavy.
    And a beautiful tabletop.

    Greetings, Raymond

  2. Hello Kees,
    congratulation for this craftsmanship. With all your trouble, you buildt a smart table.

    Kindly greetings, Uwe