Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thicknessing (again)

And there we go again. After marking the desired thickness on the sides of the board (3,8 cm) I started with the scrub plane. There is a problem at the end of these board, the two big knots. The wood is rediculously hard around them. It's mostly endgrain in the knot of course and also the wood around it doesn't like to be scrubbed. The small plane mostly just dances over these spots. So in order to get some work done I used a gouge and chopped out the wood to more or less the required depth. After that I could remove the rest with the scrub and the foreplane.

And that's where I am now. I thicknessed this part of the board to final depth allready, because this is the hardest part. And I made a start on the rest of the board. It is very tiring work, after about half an hour I am drowning in sweat and my arms go limb. When I do a bit of that every evening, the board will have no other choice then to be at the right thickness at the end of the week.

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