Monday, June 8, 2015

Karl Holtey retires!

And I wish him all the best! According to his website he is now making his last plane.

Karl Holtey is a legend in the woodworking handplane world. His drive was to make the absolute best handplanes a man can make. And he delivered. His planes are immaculate. With a matching price of course. The price often was topic of heated debate, a bit silly at times. He was also leading in the use of A2 and powdered metal tool steels in the handtool world.

I have never had a Holtey plane (far, far above my pay grade!), not even ever touched one or seen in the flesh. But I have enjoyed his blog for years, and in a sence been inspired by it. Mind you, my taste runs more to the mundane things in life, I like old and worn and rescued from a certain death. But I can apreciate a dedicated and highly skilled craftsman.

If ever you read this mr. Holtey, I wish you good health and a lot of fun in your retirement.

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