Monday, September 28, 2015

More tongs

Another day of hard work. I actually made two tongs. One was a quicky, just some flatbar, bend over 90 degrees with the reins from 10 mm round steel, welded on. I needed these so I could hold the left over pieces of 15 mm round bar in the fire. They were too short to handle bare handed. These are too ugly to show...

Next was my attempt to improve on the previous tong making experience. I must say, I didn't really succeed. But I did turn out another very usefull tool, all be it not a very nice one. This blacksmithing business is really difficult! Or maybe I should behave like a real beginner and start doing a bunch of practice pieces.

Picture of tongs. Maybe you shouldn't zoom in too much.

And to enhance the blog a bit, another video of the roaring fire and hot steel. This time with some fire bricks to create a deeper fire.

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