Saturday, October 10, 2015

And back to wood

The playing with steel has to be postponed for a little while. I enlisted into a course which starts next month. I hope to learn a lot from a real blacksmith.

In the mean time this is a nice opportunity to continue with the medicine cabinet. I have finally found the courage to start on the carving for the door. And as usual, it isn't half as bad as I thought it would be. This is where I am right now.

The middle is still an open canvass. I want to put a flower shape in there, just like the pratice I did in the early summer.


  1. Nice going Kees!
    By the way, i just saw your movies on the "Trial and Error Woodworker" website.
    He has some trouble with tearout, and someone posted your video's to show him the importance of the chipbreaker.

  2. Ha that's the video where I forgot to put on a clean shirt! I am glad it is still helpfull for people.