Sunday, October 11, 2015

Antique furniture carvings

My own carvings didn't progress much. I had to work and we had a party, so now I am drained. Next weekend is equally impossible, but is going to be fun if the weather cooperates.

Anyay, I promissed some pictures of carved furniture I found while hunting around the Internet. Most of these I found on websites from antique dealers and were made in the 17th century English renaissance style. And again, it is the normal day to day stuff, nothing high brow and no intricate church art. Zoom in for more detail.

Some of it was very rough and ready. I love it!

Other stuff was way more intricate.

Or very neat, but a little dull.

Not carving but from the same time were decorative mouldings in patterns.

Or veneered. This is a Dutch example. I used the general outline of this chest as an example for my cabinet, but veneer is not (yet?) one of my skills. Especially not intricate stuff like this! I like it a lot though.

And here is the example I choose for my door. I don't have a very strict reason to choose this one It just speaks to me, and it has a rather square outline, which fitted very well with my cabinet. This is from a chest made in Devon. That's all I know about it.

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