Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finished bridle joints

Today I finally got around to finish the bridle joints, connecting the legs to the short rails. I don't know why it takes so much time. Too much other things going on, and sometimes I'm just lazy.

Anyway, when I cut the top of the third leg at the desired angle, I managed to make a mess of it. Sometimes that just happens. So I had to use a sharp plane, set for a very light shaving to correct it. I've never been very good at planing endgrain, but the discussion about sharpening on and the making of video's and all that payed of. I guess my Stanley #4's blade hasn't ever been as sharp as this, and planing the top of the leg to the correct angle proved to be very easy. In the pictures you first see the mangled endgrain surface, and next the correct one with the pile of endgrain shavings in the background.

After marking, sawing, drilling and chopping, this is the result at the moment. I showed one of the leg assemblies in the livingroom, so everyone could admire my work. Slowly the table is taking shape.

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