Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tenons and sawing

Cutting the tenons wasn't very eventfull. Mark them with the same setting from the mortise gauge. Cut the shoulderline on a benchhook and then cut the cheeks from two sides. Disadvantage was the length of the long rails, I couldn't clamp them anywhere on the bench for comfortable sawing. So I clamped two pieces of wood to the sides so I could lay it down on the sawbench and cut from above, kneeling down on the rails. Looked like this:

And the result:

I assembled the whole thing loosely to check out all the connections and improve any misfits. It's tight in my little shed, so the picture isn't too clear. You are looking at the undercarriage of the table, seen from the top.

It is a deceptively simple thing. I kind of wonder where all the hours went, making this thing.

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