Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cutting up the bole

Finally I collected enough courage to start cutting into my bole of wallnut timber. Allthough I really want to use a lot of handtools on this project, I started out with a circular saw (whimp!).

First deciding how I am going to cut up these planks. using the nicest ones for the table top and then finding enough dark material for the legs and stretchers. There was a big hole in this tree, so it was quite a puzzle to determine the most economic and pleasing way to collect enough wood.

I used a very simple method. With the board on a sawhorses I would draw out the cut lines. Mark 3.5 cm from the desired line, this being the offset of my circular saw, and clamp a cheap length of particle board on top to guide the saw. Then it was just a matter of cutting the piece. I had to insert wedges in the sawkerf from time to time to prevent the blade being pinched.

After three long afternoons I have now everything cut and out of the way. Time to think about the next step.

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