Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First cut

After walking around this stack of wallnut plancks for half a year, I finally started with the first cut! This is going to be a dining room table. I bought a complete tree from a sawyer in Belgium and brought it home to let it acclimatise in my shop for a little while. That little while took a little longer of course. But now I have squared up the first two. Just getting used to the labor involved in fact.

This is just squaring up the board, removing the waney edge. Cuts like these tend to squeeze up a bit, pinching the saw blade. So I start with a little V groove and have wedges available to keep the cut open when I advance further up the cut. I don't use a fence, just follow a chalk line here. Overall the board doesn't move a lot while sawing, which is good of course.

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