Friday, October 18, 2013

A bunch of screws.

Today was screw day. The first part is the same for all things round: the metal lathe.

But some things are not round. The nuts need a screwdriver slot. I start with a metal handsaw, more or less in the middle. Widen up the slot a bit with a file.

The screw also needs filing. Under the head, I need a square shank, so the screw won't rotate when tightening the nut. No meassuring, just eyeballing it.

And that's it. Nuts and bolts.


  1. can i ask you what files do you use while working brass,
    love your work,

  2. I use normal Bahco files from the hardware store. Nothing special. I think I need a new basterd file though, the old one hasn't much bite anymore.