Thursday, October 17, 2013

More of the same

Sometimes I like a good challenge. This time I'm trying to make a small batch of saws and trying to make them as good as I can. Can I get through the repetitive stuff, without cutting corners? Will they all look more or less the same?

So, I made a start today, bending some brass. First on a metal brake, a 90 degree bend.

This is further tightened in a large machinists vise, protected with some scrapmetal of course.

Pushing on the handle with all my might, I didn't get any further then this.

Well, it doesn't look like much yet, but it's a good start. Good enough to encourage me to order the saw steel plates. I won't continue until  they have arrived, so I can take a big hammer to smash everything flat, with just enough space to clamp the sawplate.

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