Sunday, October 13, 2013

Saw's finished

Today I got around to file the new teeth in the sawplate, something I didn't look forward to. I choose an 18 ppi pattern, which means very small teeth. I used a patern from this website. Folding the patern over the sawplate, clamped between some small battens in a vise. I couldn't use my normal saw vise because the saw is too small. I used a small block of wood on the tip of the file to help me getting a consistent rake angle for all the teeth. Something like this.

And this is the saw. Not a great picture, but it shows the canting of the plate and the tapering of the spine pretty well. The handle is far from elegant, rather robust I'd say, but it is very comfy. I made it a little thicker at 24mm, which feels good. My previous saw build has a 22mm handle, which is a bit too thin.

And here are the money shots!

Pretty nice piece of beech isn't it? You can click on the pictures to see a larger image.
Oh, BTW, the saw works allright. At 18 ppi it is not fast, but it goes down this piece of beech like butter.

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