Sunday, December 21, 2014

And even more mouldings

Sometimes I'm such a coward. When confronted with a new technique I can postpone the difficult bits indefinitely. Looking for odd jobs around it to avoid the real thing. So I had to give myself a kick in the back, grab the cherry boards and just get going with the job at hand.

First the front edge of the bottom board with the peculiar medieval moulding. After scribing all the lines on the board, I cut a rabbet with my trusty moving filister plane. That thing is grand! It easilly removes 1mm thick ribbons of wood per pass, so I was down to the bottom of the rabbet in no time. Cleaned up the cut with a normal rabbet plane, and relieved the sidewall a bit to make room for the side round plane. (Looks like I nicked the bottom of the rabbet a bit with the corner of the plane).

Then I cut a groove with the Record 044 plow plane. That's also a wonderfull little plane, I like it better then the Stanley #50 which didn't work in this case anyway because it doesn't reach deep enough.

That was the starting point for the side round plane. That caused a lot more struggling then on the practice piece last week. Maybe I didn't relief enough to the side? I took it in small steps, fearing that I removed too much wood, using the rabet plane to make space and the side round to cut deeper and more to the side. After the side round plane came the 1/2" hollow to round over the rest of the profile which worked as advertised. And here is the result after planing. Not really perfect, there is still a ridge inside that hollow part, but I managed to clean that up with sandpaper on a profiled wooden stick.

And this is how it looks like on the cabinet:

I think that looks a lot better then the first itteration with the modern square profile:

That being a succes I took courage and continued with the crown moulding. I won't bother you with all the steps. It's just a matter of cutting rabbets to remove the bulk of the wood and to make guiding channels for the hollow and round planes. I learned all this from the blog from Bickford for example here: musingsfrombigpink.

The moulding came out perfectly well, with just a few spots of tearout needing a bit of sandpaper.

I'll call my new set of hollow and rounds a succes, despite their less then perfect posture. I even cleared out a shelf for them.

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