Thursday, December 25, 2014


Finally, some assembly. Time flies and my time seems to fly even faster. But I could finally heat up the glue pot again. I like to use hideglue, mostly for the alchemic fun of mixing stinking potions in bubbling cauldrons.

 This cabinet is all dovetails and hot hideglue has a very short open time. So I heated up the shop, put all the wooden parts above the stove to warm them in the rising hot air and worked pretty damned fast. Liberally brushing the glue over the joint, only doing two joints at a time, smashing them together, putting the other side in place without glue and measuring up the squareness. Then I let it dry for a couple of hours, heat up the stove again, do the same as written above etc. The same for the shelves. Overall it took all day for just a few gluejoints.

And here's a picture how it looks when you have made gappy dovetails.

I used the shavings from the fillister plane to fill in some gaps, even had to make a few veneer patches for the larger holes. Next time I really need to pay more attention when cutting them. Luckily the dovetails are mostly out of sight, as long as you won't stand on a stool to inspect the top of the cabinet. After some cosmetic surgery they don't look too bad.

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