Sunday, December 14, 2014

More moulding planes

It's been a bit quiet in the shop. Last weekend I had to work extra and after 9 days working I took a timeout, Colapsed on the cough. But slowly I crawl back again and continue on refurbishing the moulding planes. I thought these ones might be interesting to see. The 3/8"s  are some of the last offerings from Nooitgedagt in this field. Funny to see how they held on to the imperical measurements until the end. Also funny to see how the book keepers managed to dumb down the design of these things. Here compared to an older model on the left.

They saved quite a bit on wood. The also saved on the typical Dutch moulding plane decorations and wide chamfers. The iron isn't tapered anymore and the mouth is wide, wide open.

But still, it's a piece of beech with an iron, so it should be possible to make it work. The round wasn't too bad. I could restore it in the usual manner. The hollow was another story. The shape of the sole didn't even look like a hollow, more like a v-groove. The points of the hollow need to be quite sharp, but they weren't in this plane. And the sole was far from flat.

After planing the sole with the round, the sole became way too wide. I had to chamfer the side to make it a nice shape again.

But then, all the work wasn't for nothing. Even these very humble decendents of the moulding plane manage to create nice shapes. Here's an ogee made with these two planes. Doesn't look too bad for a beginner with some budget planes, doesn't it?

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